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General tips that will make your doctoral thesis better

Submitting a paper that you can be proud of is an achievement worth aiming for. Your doctoral thesis is an especially important assignment that should be given special attention during its writing process. Going through this helpful checklist before you submit your thesis will provide you with some helpful guidelines you may have missed.

Write for the general public

You should write with the aim in mind to have your thesis published. It might not get to that point, but keeping this in the back of your mind will make your thesis of a higher standard. Using complicated language that only your professor can understand will only render your thesis vague and uninterruptable. Stick to a form of basic English without sacrificing your paper’s formal approach.

Have it edited

Writing institutions that specialize in academic editing are skilled at tweaking your paper to make it readable and well structured. Writing your thesis will be time consuming, so having a professional edit if for you will free up your much valued time.

Use clear illustrations

Trying to make something clear with a long string of words can sometimes be a waste of energy and paper space. Consider using examples, pictures and graphs to bring your point across. Replacing a thousand words with a picture is advisable for the sake of using up your word count for something more relevant. At the same time, however, don’t sacrifice your explanations for too many illustrations. You don’t want anything to steal away your own unique method of communicating a point.

Make your statement, argument and discussion clear

Every thesis should hold true to a stable structure of making a statement, proving that statement, and discussing the implications thereof. When you relook at your thesis as a whole, make sure that the larger part of your content contains these critical aspects of study.

Try avoid too much merging of these factors in your main body. In other words, don’t spoil the statement by including too much of your evidence; save it till later. Also, don’t be redundant and repeat too much of your methodology when you get to the discussion section of your paper.

Check your headings and sub-headings

Another good way to give your paper a final once-over is to read through your sub-headings. These should tell a story on their own, regardless of the content. Make sure someone would be able to derive the main essence of your point from the headings alone.

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