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Discovering Interesting Dissertation Topics In Education

Education provides several topic which may be of your interest for your next dissertation. However, a few of them will be more inspiring for you. Below, we suggest a few fascinating headings for you to choose a suitable topic for your paper on education.

  • Wearing uniforms or not? This is a classical dilemma in many educational centres throughout the globe. Is it helpful for students to wear uniforms at school?
  • There is no unique response, as some people think uniforms help to maintain discipline but others argue that being disciplined does not directly imply wearing a uniform.

    What is your personal opinion on this issue? There are several consequences of wearing uniforms. One of them is the homogeneity in cloth for every student, which may help to vanish socio-economic differences. But, does it really make a difference?

  • What are the pros and cons of homeschooling? In some countries, homeschooling is not allowed by the government. Do parents have the right to choose how to educate their children? There are some advantages about homeschooling but the drawbacks seem evident, as well.
  • We could argue that one-on-one education may be more effective but is there evidence of these results in your country?

    One thing is clear, if parents are not allowed to decide, we could never be sure if this option is viable.

  • Forbidding religious symbols at schools: is it necessary? Another controversy which appears in a frequent basis. Once again, there are differences among countries. In some places, religious symbols do not present any controversy at all but in others they are forbidden.
  • People who choose the latter argue that such symbols may cause impartiality in education. But, is it true? We should keep in mind that in some countries there is an official religion and in other there is not, which makes a huge difference in this issue.

  • The importance of learning languages nowadays. We are living in a world where globalization is evident to every body. Currently, people need more than one language in order to compete in equal conditions with foreigners. Is the educational system responding accordingly to this current need or are there some measurements which are yet to be taken in this regard?
  • Compare and contrast different teaching methods. As we stated above, regular education vs homeschooling are the main educational options. In both of options, there are different methods which may be taken. What are the pros and cons of these teaching methods?

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