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Writing a college thesis: dealing with paper stress

The first thing to understand in the topic of dealing with paper stress when writing a college thesis is to understand that many, many students go through this situation. A college thesis is a large undertaking. It is not something that you dash off in a week or two. And because it is such a large undertaking you, the student, will be dealing with what is known as paper stress. This can involve floundering because of the huge amount of research material involved and it can also involve what is commonly known as writing anxiety. You feel as if you have an inability to write what needs to be written.

So if that situation applies to you in either or both of those circumstances, if nothing else, at least be aware that you are not alone. But you want something practical from this article. You want advice on how you might overcome either or both of those paper stress or writer’s anxiety situations. Here are some practical solutions.

Time and the plan

As simple and perhaps as silly as it may sound, giving yourself plenty of time goes a very long way to dealing with paper stress. The better you are in being able to organize your time, the less likely you are to suffer from paper stress. But not only do you need to have plenty of time, you need to think smart. And this is where a plan plays such an important role. By drawing up a timetable with goals to be achieved by the end of various weeks or months, you have an instant overall picture of where you are in relation to the task. You can see that you are keeping track of your target. You can monitor your progress at a glance. If you do need to do some catch-up work that can easily be added to your work schedule. You easily deal with paper stress due to your timing and planning.

And then there's the writer’s anxiety

From time to time anyone involved in writing feels as if their mind has gone dry. They feel as if they've run out of ideas. There are a number of suggested aids to help you in this situation. Try brainstorming around your topic. Take a complete break from your study environment. Go and talk to other people who have been through that experience and find out how they overcame the problem. Writing a college thesis is a major task and you can make your life so much easier by following these basic steps.

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