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How to Find Dissertation Presentation Examples

If you are presenting your dissertation, you may be struggling with exactly how it is done. If this is the case, have no fear because there are many tools out there that can help.

One of the best ways that you can learn how to complete a dissertation presentation is to review examples.

What benefits are there to finding dissertation presentation examples?

  • You can see what other students have done
  • You can review the organizational tools used by other students
  • You can reassure yourself that you are progressing well
  • You can review the citation methods used by other students
  • You can compare your outline or your structure to that used by other students
  • You can review the different topics that have been covered by other students
  • You can find new and exciting literature that you might be able to convert into sources for your project
  • You can see what is expected by your dissertation committee by reviewing samples they have approved in the past

So now that you know the benefits, you need to know how to find dissertation presentation examples.

  1. You can find them by first asking your review committee and/or advisor for examples. They may be willing to provide you with sample work as guidance. Bear in mind that there is no harm in asking them point blank. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no. If they end up saying no, you can always turn to the second resource.
  2. You can find them by asking your librarian for research assistance. Your school library houses many published examples of dissertations from your field and from other fields. You can find all of them in the stacks or in the reference section. Note that each library has a different system and it may behoove you to ask for assistance from the librarian in finding those that are most relevant or those that might be in storage, but accessible.
  3. You can also find some on the internet. If the first two resources do not pan out, you can turn to a basic internet search for samples. You can type in keyword such as “dissertation presentation” or “dissertation examples” and sift through the many results that are there. You can find published dissertations from other students or from professional writers that work in your field. All of these methods will help you greatly.

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