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Study Guide for College Students on How to Write a Good Dissertation

When doctors of medicine complete their formal education, and it is time to for their residency, the residency may seem like a monumental undertaking. Although the idea of finally treating real patients may be scary, it was the purpose of all the late night studying and grueling preparation. You are finally equipped to begin fending for yourself in the field of medicine. Similarly to a student becoming a doctor during their residency, college students complete their dissertations to become doctors of their field, too. Although you may not be treating patients, you too will use the skills from your undergraduate and graduate work to power through the process of becoming a doctor successfully. With a strong interest in your topic, good planning and a system of checks, you will surely produce a worthy dissertation.

Strong Interest in Topic

After working through your undergraduate and graduate career, focusing on a particular area of study, you will likely know what you are passionate about in your field. You should channel these passions into your dissertation work. The dissertation is a long process, which requires much research and dedication. This research and dedication will be easier to tackle if you find a strong interest in the subject matter. Also, the dissertation can be a good chance to publish groundbreaking work in your industry—so why not make sure it’s captivating?

Good Planning

With any project, planning is key to minimizing chaos and stress that may result. By developing a system of organization and an agenda for duties/milestones, you will put your dissertation on a map for completion. By following your plan as closely as possible, you will avoid complications in timing and stress that can result from procrastination. Stick to your deadlines, and the dissertation will be completed one task at a time!

System of Checks

Everyone has his or her own system that works best when completing a project. By setting up a system of checks, or series of milestones in your dissertation, you will help keep your work on track. Losing focus can be easy with such a large duty, but finding a mentor to keep you on track or, even, setting automated reminders for upcoming due dates can be reliable systems of check.

So, when you set out to write your dissertation, do not be discouraged. You have already been provided with all the tools to successfully complete this project. Just like a doctor of medicine has all the traits needed for their residency, but may have some doubt—you can do it!

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