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Dissertation Help for Newcomers: Discover the Most Efficient Writing Techniques

Students understand that dissertation writing is challenging, but they can hardly imagine how many problems they might face. It is always better to learn what solutions you can use in order to complete your paper successfully. Some of the most efficient writing techniques are listed below.

  1. Plan when to start writing.

    It is important to set a date when you should complete your research and start writing your dissertation. You cannot study all the sources or repeat the experiment endless amounts of times, so accept that something will not get done. Most supervisors recommend their students to leave at least three month to complete their dissertation texts. If you understand that your writing skills are not strong enough to write quickly, you should reserve more time for writing and proofreading.

  2. Set a deadline.

    You will never finish your thesis if you do not decide when to stop. When you have a hard deadline, you are more motivated, and therefore complete your writing faster.

  3. Split the tasks.

    It is a good idea to set mini-deadlines for each chapter of your dissertation. You have a dissertation outline, which helps you estimate how many chapters and subchapters you have. You should set tight deadlines, concentrate, and write as efficiently as you can. Additionally, you should agree with your supervisor in advance, so he or she is aware when to expect parts of paper for review. This way, you may also save lots of time and get fast feedback.

  4. Work in a distraction-free environment.

    Many students prefer working from home, where they are more productive because there are fewer distractions. It is necessary to switch off all notifications, turn off the TV and radio, and ask your family members not to bother you.

  5. Write for 20-25 minutes at a time.

    The famous ‘pomodoro’ technique helps students write faster and become more productive. The key idea is to work hard for 20-25 minutes, and then take a short break. It is better to take a walk, make a cup of coffee, play with a pet, or listen to music.

  6. Learn proper grammar and spelling.

    It seems obvious, but many students avoid learning grammar and spelling when they start their graduate studies. However, the better you know the language, the faster you can write a text of good quality. It helps if you use a dictionary and read the literature, carefully trying to remember different ways of writing communication.

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