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What is a dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal is a very important document. It's an entrée card, a proposal, a description of what you want to do regarding your dissertation. You can't begin writing your dissertation until your proposal has been accepted. And there are a number of components which must be found in every dissertation proposal.

You must propose a question. This question will be answered in detail as you write your dissertation. You need to do the following things.

Set out your research document goals and do so clearly. Remember the topic of your dissertation is obviously very important and once that is approved you must produce your dissertation proposal. And that in turn must also be approved. So these are two important first steps before you actually write your dissertation.

Now your dissertation proposal needs to contain plenty of detail. You list both the topic and the research areas you intend to investigate. The more information you can provide in your proposal, the better. You do not want your academic adviser to ask all sorts of questions because the information is lacking in your proposal. Another way of looking at your dissertation proposal is to call it a plan or a map. It is the route you will take, the method you would use to get there on the journey of writing your dissertation. You will have an academic from your college who will consider your proposal and agree or disagree with it.

Your proposal becomes a blueprint

Once the dissertation proposal has been agreed, it will serve as a blueprint to see how you are going once you start writing your dissertation. The tutor or teacher who is working in tandem with you as you produce your dissertation, will constantly refer to your dissertation proposal to see that what you have planned to do and which has been approved to do, is actually happening as you write the dissertation.

Your dissertation proposal needs at least one specific question. It is a question at the heart of your topic and your duty in writing the dissertation is to answer this specific question. Constructing or creating this question is also very important. It will be listed at the beginning of your dissertation and should be both interesting and capable of being discussed in detail. The better your dissertation proposal, the better will be your chance of producing a top quality dissertation.

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