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How to Write a Qualitative Dissertation Proposal Oneself

What is a qualitative dissertation proposal?

  • This type of dissertation involves methods of research that are qualitative in nature.
  • Sample types of qualitative research methods are as follows: focus groups, observation of participants, and interviews that are conducted in an unstructured manner.

Here are some general characteristics of a qualitative dissertation proposal:

  • It deals with a student doing a qualitative research on answering a hypothesis question.
  • The student must answer certain questions that are part of the research.
  • The student must determine the type of theory they will use and develop.
  • The student must determine the type of strategy they will use to prove or disprove the hypothesis.
  • The student must determine how their study and findings on the hypothesis will be presented in the qualitative dissertation.

Here are some general characteristics of a qualitative dissertation:

  • The design followed in this type of dissertation is emergent.
  • The process for the research conducted on the hypothesis, normally evolves during the process of doing the dissertation.
  • A theory will be tested, a new theory shall be discovered, and the main goal is to test a certain theory to prove or disprove the hypothesis.
  • The type of research done in a qualitative dissertation involves: interviewing individuals, case study, observation of individuals, etc.
  • The student will discuss and evaluate the study findings by providing evidence, narratives, case studies, and abstracts.

How to write a good qualitative dissertation proposal?

  • The dissertation proposal is written to give to the dissertation committee to determine if the topic selected for the dissertation is okay.
  • The dissertation proposal helps the committee decide if the student should be allowed do the dissertation on the selected topic.
  • The qualitative dissertation proposal should be written in a five-chapter format.

The outline for a good qualitative dissertation proposal:

  • The Introduction will be the first chapter of the proposal.
  • Literature Review will be the second chapter of the proposal.
  • The methods of research will be the third chapter of the proposal.
  • The findings of the research will be the fourth chapter of the proposal.
  • The final chapter of the proposal will have the discussion, conclusions, and ideas on further research.

What else should be included in the qualitative dissertation proposal?

  • The dissertation proposal should include the research that will be conducted on the topic.
  • The proposal should include the sources of materials that will be used to prove or disprove the hypothesis.
  • The proposal will lay out how the student will conduct their research, resources and sources used to do the research, and possible findings from the research.

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