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How to Plan My Dissertation Properly: 15 Vital Suggestions

Getting a dissertation done in time takes planning and effort. As soon as the student has chosen a topic, they need to create a plan for the research and writing process. Setting milestones and breaking up the work make each section easier to tackle. The following suggestions will help students plan their dissertation.

  1. Choose a Topic
  2. Before students can work on any research or writing, they need to pick a topic.

  3. Read Through Relevant Documents
  4. Other writers may have discussed the topic before. Students can use these documents as examples and resources.

  5. Pick an Approach
  6. Even if a topic has already been selected, the student may be able to take a different approach or a unique perspective.

  7. Choose a Title
  8. Once the student has picked an approach, they will be able to choose a title that reflects the substance of their work.

  9. Create a Schedule
  10. Students should set goals for completing research, writing the first draft, editing and proofreading. The research may just have a deadline, but writing can be divided into daily word requirements.

  11. Make an Outline
  12. The best writers will use an outline to guide their work.

  13. Organize Notes
  14. Having data and quotes is great, but students have to be able to find the information in order to use it. Using a note keeping system or different folders will help the student to track all of their research.

  15. Begin a List of Sources Immediately
  16. If students do not track their sources from the beginning, they will spend countless hours trying to find the same books again.

  17. Adjust
  18. It is normal to make changes to the paper's direction in the beginning. When this happens, students can just adjust their schedule and deadlines.

  19. Break Down the Word Count
  20. With 10,000 to 40,000 words to complete, the writing process can seem daunting. Students can make it easier by breaking it down into a goal of just 250 or 500 words each day.

  21. Multiple Drafts
  22. Few people will get everything correct in the first draft. Using multiple drafts will allow students to make the changes that they need. It will also ensure that the paper is thoroughly edited.

  23. Acknowledge Ideas
  24. If students do not acknowledge where an idea or a quote came from, it counts as plagiarism.

  25. Get Help
  26. Writing and editing a paper is difficult. Instead of struggling alone, students should ask their classmates, a tutor or their professor to help them with editing.

  27. Begin Early
  28. Finishing a dissertation will be much easier if the student begins as early as possible.

  29. Apply for Grants
  30. There are several different grants available that will help students to afford their education. Some of these grants can even help cover the cost of research or a trip to a specific group of archives.

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