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Creating Strong Dissertation Titles On Educational Leadership

Having to come up with a dissertation title that is both strong and compelling can at times seem harder than actually having to write the dissertation itself. Educational leadership is a fascinating topic to be exploring, however, the very fact that it is about “leadership” means that the need for a strong, charismatic title is more pressing than usual.

We’ve all sat up into the small hours racking our brains for titles that are determined to play hide and seek with us and it is very easy to want to throw in the towel. However, before you start ripping your hair out here are my top tips on creating strong dissertation titles on educational leadership:

Ensure the title fits the topic

This might seem totally obvious but you would be shocked by the number of students that end up submitting papers with generic, fluffy titles that could easily pass for a completely different subject. How you choose to dress it up is entirely up to you but it is vital that the core message in your title relates to in this instance educational leadership.

Does the title make you want to read the dissertation?

Sometimes the only way to be sure that you have come up with a great title is to apply this simple measure. Step back and ask yourself honestly “Does this title make me want to read the paper?” If you don’t think you are capable of viewing it objectively get someone else to check it over for you.

Keep reworking it

You wouldn’t submit a first draft of your main paper and expect it to meet the mark, so why should your title be any different? The only way to create a strong title is to persistently work and rework it until it is perfect.

Write several versions

If you were writing a blurb for a novel you would probably create several different versions before settling on the one that you favored the most. You should apply this same logic to coming up with titles. Write several totally different ones and it should be easier to select your preferred choice.

Have someone beta read it

Getting friends or family to read it for is great provided you can trust them to be objective. There is no point asking someone that is going to tell you that the sun shines out of your backside when it doesn’t!

Read it out loud

Reading it out loud is a great way of ensuring that it flows correctly and avoiding any problematic phrases.

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