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How To Find Good Dissertation Topics On Social Work: Tips And Ideas

When you create your dissertation there is only one thing in your mind: to find the perfect topic that is accessible but engaging and informative in the same time. Well, even if you find something like this there are also many elements to be taken into consideration. The way you write the dissertation, the time you dedicate to research and the perspectives that you introduce in your composition will make the difference between a good and a bad paper. If you want to write about social work, you need to take all the components of the society in consideration.

  • Be realistic. When you write about a sensitive topic like poverty, hunger or something similar, it can be easy to make things look better or worst than they actually are. You need to have a completely neutral perspective and to be ready to accept facts that are not according to your principles.
  • Education. Maybe there are students in your class that are planning to pursue a career as a social worker. It would be very useful to explain in detail what courses someone should follow to end up working in this niche. You can also provide with names of universities or colleges that have a good reputation.
  • Social injustice. One of the duties of a social workers is to deal with social issues that affect individuals or communities. Discrimination, bullying, harassment and other similar behaviors need to be detected, punished and corrected. You can present some examples from real life and discuss about what a social worker should do in those cases. Engage your colleagues in this discussion.
  • What does it take to be a good professional in this field? You can compose a paper in which to analyze the qualities that one needs to have to practice this job without problems. Besides a solid knowledge in psychology and sociology, the individual needs to possess empathy, strong will, and tact. There are many stressful situations that need to be solved with calm.
  • Dealing with people with disabilities. Many times a social worker will have to deal with people who have a disability, mental or physical. Is It more difficult to deal with this kind of people? What techniques does he need to use to be able to gain their trust? Could there be a potential danger?

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