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Coming Up With Interesting Dissertation Topics In Sociology

Sociology commonly deals with the human beings behavior in a particular subject. It is obvious that there are several aspects of this branch of study. But all aspects are not equally interesting to all. In almost all cases, the topic allows for argument and research.

How to choose the topics?

  • You have to understand the interest of your readers.
  • Know about the aim of your dissertation.
  • Choose the topic according to the plan of your writing and your knowledge. You must not choose any topic on which you don’t have any proper knowledge.
  • Don’t forget to consult with your supervisor
  • Above all, always use your intuition and experience as it can guide you the best.
  • Choose the topic in which you can add recent information and inventions. It will be better to add scientific truths. So you need to keep this thing also in your mind.

When all these things are properly followed, then it becomes probable that your topic for dissertation will be an interesting one. Then you must think about it pragmatically and in an organized way.

Here, are some topics for this kind of writing. These are only the suggested ones. You can modify them in your own way by using your intellect and experience. Be sure about what you are going to do.

Here are some topics:

  1. Causes of alcohol addiction in youth
  2. A comparison and a contrast between Filipino children and European children
  3. How can the politicians play effective role in socialization?
  4. Pros and cons of media in the context of society
  5. The effect of internet for a society
  6. Is homosexuality a warning for the society?
  7. Which is better for the society marriage or live-in?
  8. Difference between a materialist and a spiritualist
  9. How does it feel to live in a prison?
  10. How sociology established itself as a branch of science?
  11. How superiority complex and inferiority complex is embedded in the structure of the society?
  12. Problems of a working woman
  13. The empowerment of women when the society is conservative
  14. How does it feel to be a confirmed bachelor?
  15. How does it feel to be an adopted child?

These topics are based on some of the interesting as well as thought provoking issues. It is sure if the idea is elaborated, then the dissertation will be an interesting one.

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