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Custom Dissertation Writing: How to Avoid Fraud?

The dissertation that you turn in is easily the most important paper of any academic career. Obtaining a failing mark will have dire consequences, both at the moment, and in the future. Any student that submits a plagiarized paper will automatically receive an "F". If this happens, all the years that you have spent working towards your goal will have been for nothing. You just don't have the time, or enough knowledge to feel confident in writing your research paper by yourself. You have made the decision to pay someone to write it for you. But how do you avoid fraud?

How to find trustworthy custom writers:

  • Do a basic search that defines the parameters of your topic. Carefully look through the top search results and choose several that meet your exact requirements. Then it is time to look even closer. See how recently the site has been updated. If it has been a long period of time since the last update has posted, put that name in the discard pile.
  • Spend some time proofreading the website. If the pages are chock full of spelling mistakes and grammar errors, don't give it even one second of consideration.
  • It is very important to check on the qualifications that the writers have, and to carefully verify them. If the writer is not properly qualified, there is a good chance that they will take the easy way out and "borrow" portions of what they submit to you. Without the right amount of knowledge behind them it will be next to impossible for the custom writer to give you a paper that is accurate.
  • Look for ratings and references. Knowing that there are others who were satisfied with the results that they got can go a long way towards building confidence in a writing service. With all of the available tools that professors have for making sure that a paper is original, it is not likely that a student would give an excellent reference to a company whose paper did not make it through the prof's plagiarism check.
  • Find out exactly what their policy is on plagiarism. How do they check what is produced by the writers? Do they provide you with verifiable reports that state the writings are 100% original? Unless you are willing to risk your entire future, this is the single most important thing that you should look for.

As a last resort to be totally sure, make certain that they offer a money-back guarantee for any reason. Run the dissertation through free plagiarism checkers yourself to absolutely confirm that you are not about to submit a fraudulent paper.

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