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Getting a Handle on Electronic Theses and Dissertations

The idea of Going Green has taken everyone on this planet by storm. Going green simply means

  • Reducing the use of papers
  • Reusing already used papers
  • Recycling the papers to make something useful out of them

For this reason, a lot articles and papers have gone to the internet and have been published electronically. You can find almost any dissertation written in the last decade on the respective university websites or even the internet in general. This article describes where you can look to find the appropriate dissertation.


If you are a university student, look into your university database and you will surely find a few dissertations that will help you along your way. If you are not a university student and are just looking for assistance, you can email the universities and request them to send you some sample dissertations and some will happily oblige. On others, the university will post the best dissertations on their official webpage, so you can at least get access to that.


Public libraries usually have multiple dissertations printed. Many research papers have been converted to proper texts and been published for the greater audience to enjoy. This works very well in your favour and you will find a lot of useful information from these libraries. They also normally have a database of e-papers that will assist you in many ways. You can get permission from your professor (or even librarian) to copy out a few dissertations so you can read them.


When you are a student at a university, your professors are there to always assist you when you need that guidance. When you get stuck somewhere, you should consider approaching them and you will be surprised at how much they will be able to help you. They will probably have e-copies of multiple dissertations simply because they have been supervisors to dissertations in the past. For this reason, they can be very resourceful and not contacting them would be a grave, possibly fatal, mistake. Dissertationteam.com can help as well.

The biggest advantage of e-copies is that you have readily available access to resources and there’s no limit to how many people can use it at the same time. The resource is limitless and you can take your own copy whenever you want to. However, be careful when using them because you can unintentionally copy information without knowing and that can lead to serious trouble.

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