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Twenty Interesting Dissertation Topics For Business Administration Students

Business administration is a different and definitive subject. It encompasses mannerisms of different institutions; from educational ones to churches to even political parties. Without transparent and efficient administration, institutions are bound to crumble.

Here are 20 probing dissertation topics on the subject of business administration –

  1. Tracing layers of corporate governance and ethics – This is a wide topic for dissertation.

  2. The areas which naturally give vent to fraud – Many segments of an enterprise offer natural oracles for fraud; computerization being just a subset.

  3. Scoping the budget for a resurgent future strategy – Business strategies are implemented with deliberate budgeting. It is necessary to note and sanction a credible amount.

  4. Management skills and incentives to enhance productivity levels – It is essential to enhance productivity of a company and the way to it is through employees.

  5. The layers of HR responsibility and its tertiary intervention – The HR needs to take more responsibility than just the mundane recruitment of employees.

  6. Means to grow a small scale enterprise into a large scale one – Write a dissertation on brilliant planning which ensures such a rise.

  7. Incorporating training systems for employees for optimization – An organized setup to train and develop employees must be in place.

  8. Streamlining the financial scopes of a nascent enterprise – The dissertation would be about how a startup has to plan financially to expand its horizons.

  9. Instilling risk management systems in place – This is a necessary factor for all companies big or small.

  10. Ensuring fairness in a corporate office: Worth of internal auditing – Regular and probing auditing brings out the total truth.

  11. Ways to promote dependability among clientele – Client reliability is urgent to ensure a company’s development.

  12. Ways to discern non-profitable and unfeasible clients – The companies should have a strategy in place to restrict nonviable clients into the sandbox.

  13. Promotional warfare and advertising innovations – Write a dissertation on promotional antics.

  14. Impact of social media on the administrative infrastructure – Social media has grown expansive and has clearly touched business administration as well.

  15. Ensuring dedication of employees towards the enterprise – Motivating an employee is one thing; making him dedicated is quite another.

  16. Case of accountability and corporate responsibility – These are the traits which each and every employee should be aware of.

  17. Streaming together the facets of Logistics with HR – Both streams are pivotal to a company.

  18. Impact of celebrity endorsements on the strategic planning of an enterprise – Write a dissertation on the impact of celebrity endorsement.

  19. Weaving together the Finance stream of a company with the Legal aspect – Streaming these two facets together is quintessential.

  20. Creating a fool-proof administrative setup for better solutions to grievances – Prompt addressing of grievances is necessary for a company’s expansion and reputation.

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