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How To Give Analysis In A Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is a draft that is presented before a committee by a researcher to convince them that the query proposed can actually be pursued and proven. The proposal should be based on a pre-existing research and from that point argue how the existing research is shortcoming and can be improved. In the proposal, there should be probable cause as to why you are interested in the research and what improvements you believe you can make.

Dissertations are made up of mainly five different but very important chapters:

  • Introduction-in this section the researcher states the problem to be investigated. He/she defines it and gives a reason as to why he/she decided to pursue the research. They also highlight the probability of success, the significance of the research and the importance of the research turning out positive results.
  • Review of the literature-this section includes all the theory section of the research. The purpose of the section is to prove the importance for carrying out the research. This is where the researcher takes time to convince the committee on the need to let him/her carry it out.
  • Research design and methodology-this is a very wide area in the proposal. In it the researcher outlines the questions that the research is going to answer. It also includes the design, the investigation will take. Lastly, this section also includes the methods to be employed to acquire information for the investigation. These methods vary with the nature of data to be collected.
  • Analysis-in this section, the data collected by the methods employed is analyzed accordingly. This is with regard to what nature of data is going to be collected.
  • Summary, conclusion and recommendations-as the heading suggests, this section includes a wholesome summary of the investigation carried out. It also provides recommendations for areas of improvement noted.

Providing an analysis of a dissertation proposal is determined mainly by the method used to collect the data at hand. Data is analyzed in two different ways:

  1. Qualitatively-analysis of this nature is carried out on data that is not tangible. This sought of analysis is the type carried out on data that has been gathered by methods such as open-ended questionnaires and interviews.
  2. Quantitatively-this sought of analysis is carried out on tangible data. This of analysis is for data that has been gathered by means such as surveying and tallying.

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