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Writing Dissertation Methodology: Use Different Resources

Using different resources for your methodology is important. This provides additional insight to your readers on your subject matter. It provides useful knowledge and information your audience may not be aware of. This section of your project will help readers understand how you came up with your results and conclusion. Understanding how to write your methodology will depend on which approach you take when you want to present your findings. As always review guidelines for your dissertation and review concerns with your instructor.

Types of Resources Commonly Used

The library provides a vast amount of content great for dissertation methodology writing. Some libraries have access to rare content that provides new meaning and insight to your topic. Journals are often useful for various reasons. They can be written by scholars in different fields of study. Students learn different opinions and theories that are debatable. They are available online and in print edition. Dissertations written by former students offer unique insight you can reference in your work. Your idea may be a continuation of what someone else studied.

The internet is a popular source as it helps students learn about past and present concepts. You can learn statistical data and trending concepts. You need to be cautious about sites you use to pull information as some are not reliable or provide false information. Interviews, films and tapes can provide useful information, especially for students writing a masters dissertation. Such sources are sometimes overlooked or forgotten when students only consider print publications or books.

Types of Research for Dissertation Methodologies

When you need to know more about a specific element related to your topic, you will need to define a method or approach to help you get information necessary. Your guidelines may present a basic idea of how to present your findings. This is important as it may affect resources you decide to use for your topic. When you review different options for research analysis it puts your research efforts into perspective. Common types of research include quantitative, qualitative, secondary and primary.

When you review different types you get an idea of how to search for your data. For instance, primary research is when you seek new information during a certain time period in history. Quantitative research includes gathering mathematical and statistical data; having people complete a survey would be a prime example.

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