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How to Write a Strong PhD Thesis Easily

Writing a dissertation requires lots of reading, research, and writing. This is the most time-consuming and complicated task you can ever face. Many students fail to complete their dissertations on time because they do not think about planning and proper time management. It is a bad idea to spend two years doing your research and start writing before the deadline. It takes several months of writing to put all your ideas on paper and proofread the work. Try to avoid rushing and stress, and follow the simple guidelines that are designed to help you easily prepare a strong PhD thesis.

  • Accept the challenge and understand that you are responsible for your thesis: No one else but you should learn new approaches, read relevant sources, and write comprehensive chapters. It is fine to consult with your supervisor, but he or she is there just to guide you.
  • Write full notes; try to record everything that seems relevant to the research topic: Every research paper is built on great notes that represent ideas you came up with, interesting facts you found, and surprising results you received. On the very first day, buy a lab book and put down any information you consider useful.
  • Compose an electronic journal: Each day, you should write a short summary of the research you conducted. Therefore, you will have a typed record of everything that you have done. This is a good tactic if you want to remember all the details of the study.
  • Summarize your results each month: It is hard to find a better way to prepare a large piece of text like your PhD thesis. It takes less time to write a monthly comprehensive summary of your research than to try and remember all the facts and evidence later.
  • Read every day: Becoming an expert takes lots of time. If you have a habit of reading frequently, you can become familiar with a significant amount of sources throughout your PhD course. Therefore, you will learn your subject perfectly.
  • Create your reference list as you go: It is common practice to prepare a bibliography at the end of your writing. However, it is faster and easier to enter the information on the sources you used into citing software on-stream.
  • Study the PhD theses of others: Many PhD students do not read dissertations written by others. This is a big mistake, because it helps you understand the PhD thesis structure, learn general formatting rules, and also gives you new ideas about your own research.

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