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A Free Academic Sample: Dissertation Literature Review

Whether your dissertation literature review is a stand-alone assignment, or part of a research paper, it should be done within standard academic guidelines.

Feel free to use the following as a template for writing your dissertation review. Where an ellipse is found, this will be followed by the typical word count usually provided for that section.

A dissertation literature review

Daniel Smith

Damelin University, Georgia

[Details of the publication you are reviewing]

Jones, Allan. (2009). Understanding the relationship between technology and major corporations. Southern Life Journal, 9, pages 141-144


This review aims to further explain a section completed by Allan Jones where commonalities are made between corporate giants and their interest in the technology industry. The review will explore the author’s definition of ‘large corporations’, and question his understanding of past examples of... [Define the topic, justify your review, and give a summary of the section you are reviewing in approximately 80 words]


The theme presented by the author brings into question some of the ethics used by investors to buy into technological advancements. He further uses the example of Google founders... [Give the reader a summary of the author’s theme, a broad overview of the topic, and finally a narrowed down definition of your own analysis in approximately 350 words]


As we’ve seen, the author’s view of what constitutes a large corporation is subjective. Investors who spot opportunities in the new technology sector are individuals who prefer to take a backseat to the development of... [Re-examine the main points you brought up in your review and discuss the impact they will have on the subject in approximately 60 words]

To recap...

The introduction is mainly background information to the topic and the author’s view on the section you are reviewing.

The main body of your dissertation literature review should raise the issue of what needs to be examined and why it needs to be examined. Your review may not always be to criticise an author, but most often it is for the purpose of adding to, correcting, or refuting something that has been written. The writing is never overly opinionated, but functions on facts and evidence to support your view.

The conclusion highlights the fulfilled purpose of your work and presents the reader with assurances that the topic is in a better state because of the contribution you have added to the subject in question.

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