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A List Of Some Very Powerful Criminal Justice Dissertation Topics

The criminal justice system is tasked with keeping the citizens of its country safe. This also means that it helps keep criminals away from the general population where their actions could lead to further suffering. There are many avenues you can take when you look for a dissertation topic in this field and some of the most powerful ones are presented below:

  • Should people who have been jailed on marijuana offenses be freed in places where their actions are no longer crimes?
  • Around the world and in several of the United States, there have been calls to make marijuana legal if not recreationally then at least medicinally. With this comes an understanding that its users are often jailed for non violent offenses. This can be addressed with research.

  • Is there a case for the re-prohibition of alcohol?
  • Just as many drugs are illegal now, alcohol was once forbidden at all ages. With the many destructive effects that it has been proven to have, the validity of re-criminalizing this drug could be analyzed.

  • Can the death penalty be seen as an adequate deterrent to crime?
  • The death penalty is often seen as a divisive issue. Many consider it to be a right to the victims of violent rimes to see their attackers dead. Others see it as a denial of the right to life which all humans have. Evidence for both sides can be preserved.

  • Should police forces with abysmally low detection rates seek external assistance?
  • For police departments that have not performed their duties well, the use of external existence could lead to better detection rates which deserves further analysis.

  • Should vigilante justice be encouraged in circumstances where the police force has been proven to be corrupt?
  • This topic is fairly self-explanatory.

  • Should crimes have statutes of limitations?
  • It can be argues that once a crime has been committed, the person who has committed the crime should be made to pay for it in some way, no matter how much time has passed. This piece of research can look into whether or not this is the case for the majority of people.

Just as religion and politics have the power to divide people, so to do discussions about the criminal justice system. You can use that passion to drive you to engage in the type of research you can be proud of all your life.

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