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PR Dissertation Topics - What Are the Most Popular Questions Today?

There are two important points to make at the start of this blog. One, there are many students required to write a dissertation on a public relations topic. Two, there are many of these students who haven't got much of an idea on what to write about. One of the best ways to overcome the problem is to answer the following questions.

  • What is your goal in writing this particular dissertation?
  • Why are you interested in the topic you have chosen?
  • Is this an unusual topic or has it been written about by many students before?
  • How much research material is available on your chosen topic?
  • What problems do you think might occur in trying to write this dissertation?

Now if you're accurate in answering all of these questions, you give yourself an excellent chance of writing a successful dissertation on public relations. For example if your goal or aim in writing this particular dissertation is because you have to do it, you stand far less chance of being successful than if you put your heart into the matter and really want to benefit as a person from your study and writing.

You'll always write better when the topic you have chosen is something you care about or are passionate about. If you have a choice in the dissertation topics, always choose the one which excites you the most.

If the topic you are keen on has been written about many times before, you have the prospect of causing your own writing to suffer simply because the examiner has seen so many dissertations on this topic. Either go for a more unusual topic or go for an unusual approach to the well written about topic. Is there plenty of research material available on your chosen topic? If not you could be in trouble.

Of course you will be consulting your supervisor before you start your dissertation but it will always be good having a proposed topic and then examine it from the point of view of potential problems. This is a good exercise in itself but if it uncovers an area which would seriously impact the quality of your writing, you've been warned in advance and can switch topics. Here are some popular PR topics of today.

  • What are the latest trends and ideas as far as crisis management is concerned?
  • How do the fields of public relations and advertising work effectively together?
  • What is the role of PR officer in creating corporate social responsibility?
  • What do we know about ethics and public relations?
  • How have public relations become an international subject of interest?

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