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How to Accelerate PhD Thesis Topic Selection Process


A PhD is no easy feat to research. People spend years learning enough to write one, and in addition to learning everything you need to know, you must do some novel research in your field, often research that is very specific. As a thesis can take a year or more to write, choosing a topic is both difficult and important. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to accelerate the topic selection process.

Write what you know

The first part of choosing a topic for something as important as a PhD thesis is looking within you. You are going for the hardest degree in any field, so there must have been something that made you so passionate about what you are studying. You must look for this and find what it is that drives you, this is so important. You should be willing to look within yourself, find it is what you love, and find topics that pertain to that. This will give you a good place to start, from which you can ask for advice and a further direction.

See what research needs to be done

Part of what makes a PhD thesis a PhD thesis is the fact that it is original research. This is actually a blessing not a curse when it comes to picking a topic, because you cannot revisit a completely old topic. For example, if another paper suggests a direction further research could be pursued, then you can certainly be the one to research that topic further. There are many futuristic or novel directions for the field that you should be aware of. Feel free to look through the literature for gaps, if you will. Those gaps are just waiting to be fulfilled.

Discuss your topic with your professors

You professors and peers are a valuable research. There are many people just as excited about your field as you are, and they will certainly speed up your topic selection process. This is very important, as these are people very aware of the field and what can be done. There are plenty of topics to explore, and these are the people around you that are going to be aware of your interests and what may interest you. Professors are especially good because they know what research needs to be done as well as what research is going to mesh with your personality.

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