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Good Referencing Helps To Establish The Foundations of Your Thesis

Do you find your self constantly getting low grades on the writing assignments that you hand in? The reason may not be because of your poor writing skills, it may actually be because your instructor is docking you percentage points for not referencing your sources correctly. Many freshman college and university students make the mistake of handing in an inaccurate or incomplete reference page. When they do this, they are docked grade points for every referencing error that they make. This means, that even if your essay content is stellar your poor reference page could cause you to fail. Does this seem fair? There is an important reason why instructors tend to grade referencing so harshly.

Good References are the foundation of a great thesis paper. Without proper referencing the evidence points that you use to defend your thesis statement cannot be considered accurate. In fact- if your reference is not traceable or legitimate then the supporting evidence that you have used may as well be made up. This is how teachers see it anyways. If you want to improve your written grade, learn to improve your reference page. Here are some helpful tips for that:

  1. Follow the correct sources cited formatting, this will assure that all the proper reference components are included
  2. Use exact page numbers- never assume that your instructor will not check
  3. Do not use online resources that are not verified!
  4. Stick to well-known sources that will be easy to find again
  5. Blogs and other online content should not be used unless the writer is a verified expert
  6. Make sure that all information can be backed up by a second source
  7. Find out who the author is before your use them as a reference
  8. Double check that your references are accurate before you hand your paper in
  9. Proofread your reference page for spelling or grammatical errors
  10. Ask for assistance if you do not know how to properly list your references

Without a well put together sources cited page your Thesis may not get the grade that it deserves. Assure that your document earns a fantastic mark when you hand it in by giving your reference page the time and attention that it deserves. Make sure that you use strong examples that can be backed by good resource material.

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