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Coming Up With Great Thesis Topic Ideas In Architecture

Are you still undecided as to what your thesis topic will be, even though you don’t have much time left? If this is the predicament you are facing, you are surely not alone. A lot of people usually have multiple topics on their table but confused as to which one will be better than the others, especially in terms of eliciting excitement from readers of the paper. This is not limited to any particular course or topic. However, researches have shown that the more unusual a chosen topic is, the more people will be inclined to open the pages to know what the paper is really all about.

As an architectural student who is preparing to write his or her thesis, there is no need to keep dragging your feet as far as choosing a topic is concerned. Listed below are a few unusual but interesting ideas that will get you going. They are as follows:

  • Landscape Architecture vs Building Architecture: What Are The Differences: These two areas of architecture are quite different but a lot of people might not understand this. You can write your paper focused on explaining the various differences and most importantly, how each of them influences the other.
  • Weather: Its Influence and Effects on Architectural Projects: If this topic is chosen for your thesis, you have to include and discuss why there are different ways of erecting structures in certain areas. Good examples for this topic are those areas that are prone to tornadoes and hurricane.
  • Natural Environment and Architecture: The Relationship: Most times, our immediate environment influences not just the planning of prospective structure but the construction also. Several times, projects have been cancelled or the design changed because due to oversight, it is was not determined beforehand that certain aspects of the original design would not be conducive to the immediate natural environment where the structure or building is to be erected.
  • The Influence of Energy on Architecture: Another interesting topic or idea for your architectural thesis that discusses how the type of energy that will be used within such structure would affect the architecture. You can give examples by discussing the differences between the planning of a project that will utilize electrical energy and the one that is billed to make use of solar energy.
  • Combining Gothic and Modern: This idea is centred on the beauty of gothic style and how they can be utilized in modern buildings. Yes, people link them with ancient buildings but imagine the excitement it will draw from readers on how to combine this with modern design.

These are only few ideas to put you in the mood to start researching for your thesis. With its long history, there are lots of hidden and great topics you can uncover once you get started on your research.

And do not forget to proofread your thesis after finishing it. You can do it on your own or give the paper to professionals on thesis editing service to get the better result.

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