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Interesting Ideas For A Thesis Paper About Steve Jobs

Thesis paper is seen in many forms, about many topics. A thesis paper about a person is something different and less used. Preparing a thesis paper about a person needs a research statement which will be justified throughout the paper. Grab certain ideas that will really help you out in your research and study about former apple CEO that is about Steve jobs.

The statement

Research statement is an important aspect when it is about a person. You may choose any famous personalities and make a statement about them; this statement should be justified throughout the research paper. The statement can be negative or positive, or a fact. It is always preferred to write the statement after the completion of paper as we will have better knowledge about the content. Whatever is the statement this will become the basic thing that built up your paper. So, it is always required that the statement is well fit to the content of the whole paper. For an example we can discuss some interesting ideas for research paper on former apple CEO that is about Steve jobs:

  • Steve jobs is the father of personal computer revolution- this can be the best statement to build a paper on. Jobs commonly is known by the statement, so you can get enough thing to justify it. Simply by specifying his contributions like apple you can easily justify this statement.

  • Steve jobs never wrote a single piece of code- this statement can be considered better as a fact, and thus the paper built can get more readers. But you may have to get some serious points to justify such a statement.

  • He was a stoner- this statement is a revealed truth about former apple CEO that is about Steve jobs. With a few research you can get enough points to justify the statement. But as the statement has great social effect you should move carefully.

  • Former apple CEO that is Steve jobs is a Muslim by birth- this statement has enough roof as all know jobs was adopted. It is said that his biological father was an Arab. This can be a good thing to be worked on.

  • Steve job was an example for college dropout millionaires- as jobs was the member of so called college dropout millionaires; this is an interesting topic for research paper. But proving that Dropping College is not the end to get a millions of job opportunities.

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