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Doctorate Without a Dissertation: Reasons Why You Should Try It

Many students would like to get a doctorate degree but they do not want to write dissertations. They find it boring and time-consuming and therefore hope to avoid it. Though the majority of doctoral students still have to write dissertations, there are some research programs where it is possible to skip the dissertation writing. You can also visit Rank My Service to find out the best services that would help you avoid dissertation writing. The most obvious advantages of these programs are the following:

  • You do not have to spend months writing, editing, and proofreading a formal paper.
  • You can complete your PhD faster, as some programs are up to two years long.
  • These programs are practically oriented so you gain valuable skills useful for your future career.
  • You will work with other professionals in the field who will guide you and teach important things.

To get better understanding why you should try a doctorate program without a dissertation, study the short descriptions of sample programs:

  1. Physical therapy:
  2. Physical therapy doctorates are often clinically based; they gain practical experience and conduct practical research, so they do not need to write dissertations. Doctorates complete two-year course programs and then work in real medical environment, hospitals, and clinics. They are supervised by experienced professionals and have to prepare for licensure. The exams are complicated and it takes a while to prepare for them.

  3. Medicine:
  4. In many cases, getting a medical degree does not require dissertation writing and its public defense. The program is similar to the doctorate in physical therapy programs. Doctorate students have numerous clinical rotations in hospitals and labs; they are under strict supervision and must pass board exams before the practice. A typical program requires up to two years of study, including training in various aspects of medicine.

  5. Law:
  6. You do not have to write a dissertation if you want to obtain a juris doctorate degree. Keep in mind that you do not need to pass the bar exam for the juris doctorate degree to be conferred. You do not have to work on a dissertation, it is necessary to complete all coursework and pass an examination instead.

You should also look for other doctorate programs without dissertations. Their number is growing. Additionally, you may find some programs that allow you to choose between a cumulating research project and dissertation. Some universities offer their doctorate students to choose between a dissertation and publishable research project. However, you should check the conditions and requirements of each program and contact their representatives if you have any questions.

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