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Who can write your thesis for you?

Well almost anyone; almost anyone who has the ability to write and research and who understands the formula which is the foundation of a thesis. But of course you don't want almost anyone unless they can produce a thesis of quality. If you are playing for professional assistance in the creation of your thesis, then employing someone who is not experienced or who is not a skilled writer and researcher or who is not able to keep to a schedule, then you're wasting your time and money. You had better write the thesis yourself.

The question then to be answered is where will you find the ideal, the appropriate person to write your thesis for you? There are a number of possibilities.

  • a family member or fellow student
  • a professional academic writer
  • an online writing services business

There may be a student at your college who is a year or two ahead of you or who has recently graduated and is now doing postgraduate work or is employed. Particularly a student undertaking postgraduate work will be a top contender. They are still at college, they have relevant and recent experience in writing a thesis and, as a student they would welcome the opportunity to make some money. Having a face to face exchange of ideas and business arrangements can be a real plus.

There are many professional academic writers at large. You may even find some who place a flyer in a public library or on a notice board in a community building. Of course you need to do due diligence on any thesis writer you choose to partner with. The one advantage if you do find someone in this manner, is that you will be able to deal with them one to one. Sometimes with the next source of thesis writers, you never really make any contact with a person producing your thesis.

But of course you can go online and investigate the many, and I mean many, professional writing services. Some of them concentrate on creating a thesis for their clients. You can check out their experience, their guarantees and their fees simply by going online and investigating. If necessary you can ask any number of questions. So yes there is an abundance of help available in the creation of a thesis. It really boils down to you knowing what type of help you want and from which source.

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