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How To Choose A Great Dissertation Topic In Geology

When many people think of the subject of geology, they often simply think of scientists looking at various simple rocks. In fact, there is often a great misunderstanding about how important geology can be, and what we can learn about our surroundings based on the subject.

Of course, if you are studying geology then you will most likely be well aware of how important the subject is. Furthermore, you might have some ideas related to various topics that you might wish to write about, should you need to complete a dissertation. However, if you’re struggling to think of ideas then there are various things you can do in order to look for inspiration.

For example, you may wish to contact your teacher or promoter in order to see whether they can provide you with any past papers that have been written by any of their former students. Alternatively, you can look on the Internet to find a wide range of websites that enable students to download various academic papers. Just bear in mind that some of the geology dissertations that you find will be available for free, whilst others may require you to hand over some money.

Another good way of developing a suitable topic for your dissertation is to carry out various brainstorming techniques. Essentially, you will be trying to write down as many different ideas as possible. You will then use the ideas that you have written down for further inspiration, in order to narrow down the perfect title. For example, you can use various spider diagrams and other visual techniques in order to see any existing ideas that you have already thought of, as well as to help give you further ideas relating to the different thoughts that you have had.

To get you started with a few topic ideas, the following lists a range of geology titles that you may wish to consider for your dissertation.

  • How geologists use seismology techniques to learn more about the composition of the Earth
  • The formation of igneous rocks
  • How the geological study of rocks can provide us information about weather patterns from the past
  • An analysis of how geological eras of defined
  • The formation of sedimentary rocks
  • An analysis of dating methods used by geologists
  • What is geological mapping?
  • How structural geology is used to learn more about the composition of rocks
  • The use of geology in conjunction with space exploration
  • How geology is used to identify the dangers of natural hazards

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