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A List of 10 New Topic of Your Biology Thesis

  1. Short-term negative effect of light pollution on the migrating patterns of kinglets.

    Light pollution disrupts biological clocks and orientation for nocturnal animals and especially migrating birds who hold their routes across populated areas.

  2. Gender distribution of snowy owls across North America.

    The patterns of gender distribution that depend on reproductive behaviours and nesting habits, which, in turn, depend on climate and feeding sources.

  3. Behavioral patterns of street cats and their ability to adapt to life in the wild.

    Thousands of cats are born in the middle of loaded cities every year. The research on their habits and whether their initial environment disrupts their ability to live in a natural habitat.

  4. Connection between study of beta cell proliferation in mice and type two diabetes in humans.

    How medicine can benefit from genetically close to us species of mammals. Specifically, the discovery of connections between insulin production in mice and human diabetes treatment.

  5. Genetically modified food chain repercussions over the past two decades.

    The scale of impact that genetic modification on human and other life forms since the early development of gene technology.

  6. Extracting the cloning mechanism from greenflies.

    If cloning is about to be adopted in everyday life, there should be ways we can learn from the wild life and its naturally-occurring cloning processes in order to ensure better efficiency and safety.

  7. Causes for internal regulation of architecture in shrinking plants.

    A pattern of shifts involved in size alteration in plants due to various climate reasons can be used in space exploration and domestic gardening. It can also indicate specific effects the climate change has on Earth’s eco-system.

  8. Evolutionary differences between raccoons and bears.

    Causes of an evolutionary deviation in an anatomical structure and behavior of raccoons and other bears and similar changes in other species under the same set of circumstantial influence.

  9. Tardigrades and several other possibly alien species on earth.

    Hypsibius dujardini can endure extremely high and low temperatures, pressures and radiation and extremely dry conditions of the outer space vacuum. They can also live without sustenance for a decade. Studying the possibility that some species could have originated on other inhabited worlds and survived a journey to our planet.

  10. Early childhood obesity linked with the mother’s diet during pregnancy.

    Comparative study of maternal diets of women from Central and North America and women from the Western European countries and connection between rations mothers consume during pregnancy with the probability of an early onset of obesity in the offspring. Statistical analysis of the accompanying factors, which may differ between the study groups, should further clarify the picture.

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