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8 Places To Check When Looking For An APA Format Dissertation Example

One of the best ways to start the process of writing your dissertation is to use an example paper to help you set your paper up and get some ideas on what you will want to write the paper about. If you have been asked to write your dissertation in the APA format, you have an even bigger reason to make sure you get a properly formatted example. If you have to write your paper in a certain format, it is essential that you choose an example so that you can truly understand how to write your paper. Here are some places to check when looking for an APA formatted dissertation example.

  1. Instructional web site
  2. There are many sites that work to inform you how to do things. They will teach you how to write your paper in the APA format and will include an example as well because it is the easiest way to explain how the paper should look.

  3. APA format guide book
  4. You can find some really good instructions along with a great example in the APA format guide book. It will give you the information that you need to write a successful paper.

  5. Writing resource lab
  6. You should check with your school’s writing resource lab to get an example that you can work with. You can get help with your paper and an example.

  7. Professional writing company web site
  8. The aim of these sites is to get you to purchase a paper from them or use their services. They offer examples to attract customers. These examples are written professionally and edited for superiority.

  9. Image document
  10. Look in your image search engine. You can find sample papers there written in the correct format.

  11. PDF file
  12. There are links to dissertations in the PDF format that you can locate right online. The results will show up right in the search engine results page.

  13. Dissertation database
  14. You can also look in the dissertation database for a paper that you can use as an example. You will need to use a few cues to know that it is in the APA style over the MLA style.

  15. School website
  16. Some schools will showcase sample papers on their site to help their students write successful papers. This is a great source to check.

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