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Completing A Dissertation Proposal: What Your Paper Should Include

As a student, one of the most important papers are you will ever write will be your dissertation. This will normally be written at the end of a degree, including at the end of a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral course.

For most students, writing a dissertation is a one-time thing and, therefore, they will inevitably wish to seek extra help in order to ensure that they do the work correctly, as they will often have a lack of experience in writing such detailed papers before.

In order to gain a better understanding of what you should include in your paper, the following outlines various different things that you need to consider when writing the work.

Your introduction

The first to be aware of is that, unlike basic essays that you may have written in the past, a dissertation will require several different sections. However, these sections will generally follow the same sort of structure as most normal essays. For example, you will usually have an introduction, a body section, and a conclusion; however, these sections will normally be broken down further into smaller subsections.

As part of your introduction, as well as including a general intro into the work you are doing, you may also include an abstract, which will be one of the first sections that any reader will see. As a result, this section has to be written to an incredibly high standard, and will include details about your aims, your hypothesis, your research methods, any relevant work that you have looked at, and any other important details.

The body section

In your body section you will include a methodology section, any results, any analysis of the work that you have done, and potentially other sections as well, depending upon the title of your work, and the subject that you’re basing the work on.

As with most other essays, the body section of your work will comprise a substantial amount of detail, and will essentially involve the majority of your research and analysis.

The conclusion

The final part of your essay will be the conclusion. As part of this section you will include details about whether or not your hypothesis is correct, if you have included one in the introduction. Furthermore, you will attempt to finalise any answers that you have provided for any questions that you asked earlier on. You may also wish to include an acknowledgement section, appendix, and any other related sections, such as the bibliography.

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