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How To Write A Dissertation: A Step By Step Of Guide For Undergraduate Students

A dissertation is a work done at a higher level. It is a detailed document where everything is explained in detail. It is not an easy task to be done. It requires a lot of research and hard work. Some pointers like keeping it formal, using good vocabulary are essential while writing. Your work reflects the hard work you have put in. So, it should be the best. The following format is to be followed while writing.

Title page

The first impression is said to be the last impression. The title page should be such that the reader immediately gets interested. The title page should include all the basic information like any other title page except for the reason behind your work.


It is not to be written in more than three hundred words. In abstract you have to write the purpose of your work in the briefest way. Everything that is written in the project should be included here but not exceeding the given word limit.


This part makes the reader aware of the reason behind the whole project. It should be written in the most attractive form possible. Because if introduction does not interest the reader there is a possibility that he wont read any further.

Explanation of problem

This is supposed to the essence of the whole project. Here the writer has to explain the reason behind why is he working on the project. What the real question is and how has he researched on it. Here he explains the basis of the problem he decided to work on.

Basis of study

In this part he gives answers to his own questions. He is supposed to show statements in support to what his question is. He has to give solid proof behind his research and why is it trust worthy. The more better the research the more better the results will be.


Hypothesis stands for the explanation of the problem and concluding the answers. It should be explained in as clear way as possible.

Method followed

The student here explains the method he followed while writing the whole project. Through this method the reader will understand how much efforts has the writer put in to research and how complicated the whole project was.


Nothing comes without drawbacks and this is what is to be explained when on this step. All the shortcomings are to be mentioned that come with their research topic.


Every place that has helped you must be mentioned in the end.

Hence, this is how a dissertation is supposed to be written.

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